Leasing Application Process

Initial Inquiry

Upon confirmation Tenant wishes to proceed pursuing terms within one of these portfolios, Landlord – with the assistance of Colliers – will provide a leasing proposal that demonstrates basic lease terms which are subject to change after review of the below application documentation. Prior to Tenant receiving Proposal, Tenant shall provide:

  • Entity:Confirmation that the entity that would be signing the lease is a registered Florida entity throughSunbiz.org.
  • Contact:​ Tenant contact (name, email and phone number) that will be used as the primary contact on subsequent lease documentation.

Application for Tenancy

In the instance Tenant is interested in pursuing a lease at Sunstate Park, Tenant shall provide Landlord with the application documents below prior to Landlord preparing a lease draft:

  • Financials: Two years of prior company financials that demonstrate the company’s ability and financial fortitude to commit to a lease obligation; financials can be in the form of: balance sheets, profit & loss statements, tax statements, bank statements, etc. In the instance the company is in its infancy, or the company is a start-up, additional deposits and a credit enhancement may be requested.
  • Corporate Application:Tenant will complete the “Lease Application Form – Corporate” that can be found below.
  • Personal Application:​ Tenant will complete the “Lease Application Form – Personal” that can be found below.

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